Annelore van Herwijnen

Annelore van Herwijnen


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Can you tell me something about your work?

“I call my work ”Feel good” Lifestyle photography. Natural moments, with beautiful fresh light are decisive for my shots. I often work outside with sunflairs and in the late afternoon light, but of course this isn’t always necessary. It’s mainly about capturing authentic moments with a lot of warmth and pleasure.

And when I shoot indoors, on the couch or in the kitchen, I often set atmosphere by creating sunlight through the window. This keeps the image fresh and blond, but the dynamism of the photo is of course capturing that special moment in the situation. ”

And something about your clients?

“When I think about it, my customers are actually quite varied.

From insurance companies and amusement parks to healthcare and organic lemonade. It can be anything, but my images always feature a dynamic group of people, from children in a family to friends or colleagues. As long as they are in a daily situation.“

What’s it like to work with you?

“Someone recently told me that she had passed on my name to someone who asked if she knew a good, uncomplicated, sympathetic photographer and mentioned me. And that is certainly a compliment that I can agree with.

After the first client consultation, I often see the whole situation and setting in front of me and think about what else could happen which I of course share and discuss.

To get the moments that I have in mind, I create natural situations and always look for the moment just before or after. I prefer to work with models with a lively, authentic energy that move — and  of course with a twinkle in their eyes.

But most importantly, I make sure it looks real! So that there is an emotional bond with the viewer. No fake or false emotions.”

Can you tell me something about yourself?

I’m regularly told that I’m nice to work with. I’m flexible, and solution-focused and perform well under stress and pressure. A team of 20 people around me,  a child who doesn’t want to cooperate, or a crowd of people watching? I  calmly stay on track and keep working.

Oh! and I have 2 great (funny, sweet) kids and a fantastic husband. Bibian is our eldest, she’ is in 2 VWO. Elon is our youngest and is in group 8. Alexander has a leading marketing automation agency. Take a look at Oh! And Balou, our new dog, it’s just like having little child again. But she’s super sweet.

All the things I like…

First and foremost: friends and family, then music and concerts, food and drink and the sun.

And then in no particular order: Vans, Shazam app, Hema, Noorderlicht, sports, Westerpark, Picnic Rotterdam, Into the Great Wide Open, WeerOnline, Buenos Aires, ShakeItPhoto app, Meat Packing District NY, Blossom, Stranger Things, dog Balou, Paradiso , Rotown, Volkskrant, books (even though I read far too little), vintage lover, …