About the project:

This nursery is like no other. Immediately the moment I saw it, I knew that I wanted it to make an article about it. With that in mind, I contacted the beautiful French Milk Magazine. Like us, they were enthousiastic. And therefore, we started. I did the interior photography, and my friend Bernice Nikijuluw wrote the English text for it. 

While it is established in an old industrial district of Amsterdam it sounds like a funny idea. But on the contrary,  because Kleinlab is extraordinary and amazing in every way and now a days it fits perfectly in the neighborhood. You are immersed in a childhood dream. In the first place, there is so much different material for creative expression, and besides that, they have great material to play with. Much of it is vintage or from the 'grown up world'.

The Amsterdam-Noord district:
In many ways, Amsterdam-Noord resembles the districts of Brixton in London or Gambetta in Paris. Formerly almost a lawless area, the reputation of this difficult neighborhood has improved over the past ten years; trendy restaurants have opened, and it's now one of the most popular neighborhoods.

Project details:

Client: Kleinlab
Date: 09 January 2020
Category: Interieur