About the project:

Another fantastic project of Sheryl Leysner is this Via Hostel or Hotel, in Amsterdam. Although it used to be a big office building, it doesn’t feel like that anymore. As I did the interior hotel photography, I know it’s huge! Loads of rooms and dormitories as well as single rooms and suites upstairs. There is even a cinema in the house!

As you enter and look up, you see many painted in different colors, BMX bikes. The fact that it’s a youth hostel can be linked to the graffiti on the walls, the modern colors and funny inventions. For example, take the barrels, as tables, or the old telephones as lamps.

On the other hand, everybody will feel welcome and at home. Well done!

Project details:

Client: Sheryl Leysner Architect
Date: 06 February 2020
Category: Hotel, Interieur