About the project:

Photography for all communication of the Lion King and Junglebook Festival, with a family in Disneyland Paris.

Not just me, but with the whole crew (see under) we made great images of the special features of the theme ‘the Lion King and Jungle Festival’. The parents and kids danced had fun. I made a little blog about the making of. You can read it here.

The parade was a real spectacle and we met all the characters, like King Loue, Rafiki and Mickey Mouse to shoot a meet and greet. Great photoshoot of these characters and family.


Manager Broadcast: Carole JUBLOT

Production Photo: Florence BOY

Chargée de Production: Anne-Laure BATUT

Assistante de production (chef de file): Pauline REIBEL

Chef de file: Sandra Boisdron

Photographe: Annelore Van Herwijnen

Assistant Photo: Thomas Aangeenbrug

Artistic designer: David Del Vecchio

Krystelle PIERRON: Graphic designer

Régisseur Général: Jules Cochenec

 Régisseur: Phillipe Kann

 Styliste: Amandine Moine

 Assistant styliste: Aurélie Sart

 Maquilleuse/coiffeuse: Sandy Gallego

Maquilleuse/coiffeuse: Claire Rousseau

Project details:

Date: 20 January 2020
Category: People