About the project:

Kumpany asked me to do a lifestyle shoot with family, for their client Promovendum. This is a Dutch insurance company. So for this lifestyle photography we searched for a nice family and some friends, to make lifestyle photography in and around the house. We rented 2 fantastic houses as location, and therefore shot in the kitchen, garden and living room among other places.

The first day we really had to search for the location. The hidden little house was in the middle of the forest. The parents and their cute baby did a perfect job.

The second day, the models were reading a book in the livingroom, having breakfast in the kitchen or washing the car.


Art direction Kumpany : Ingrid Mesman and Walter Smetsers
Producer Kumpany: Ingrid van Ginkel 

Production: Annelore van Herwijnen and Inge de Lange

Promovendum: Laurens Geysendorpher // Rob Schaeffer
Photographer: Annelore van Herwijnen
Assistent: Dennis  
Styling: Inge de Lange and Kristel Maria
Hair en Make-up: Patricia van Heume

Project details:

Date: 20 January 2020
Category: People