About the project:

For this personal project, I went back to Sicily again, before summer. I had been here before and was caught by the perfect silence of these trailers which tell a whole story by just looking at them.

With Airbnb and a lot more money to spent, people stay in houses of others or at least in a normal bed. But when I was young, we always went to france. By car, to clarify, with my brother and sister, my parents, two dogs, a big tent and all the stuff we needed for 3 weeks. When we grew older, the boat came along, as well as the surfboard (with sail ;-).

What I found in Sicily, was the quiet, before the summer. Cause in a few weeks, there will be whole families gathering for the summer here, on the camping. They eat, drink and sleep in the trailer, for weeks. Nothing more needed. Just this and family.

And you can see how they have made it their summer home, by looking carefully at all the marks and things they did to make it convenient and comfortable. They wrap their trailer, fridge and chairs, therefore it survives the winter.

The contrast with the rumour in a few weeks, fascinates me. Now, nobody is there. It’s quiet. Only the sound of the rustle of the trees.

If you are searching for artwork, on your wall, this photo, made in Sicily, is for sale. Please contact me. Or take a look at my other personal work:

Project details:

Date: 13 February 2020
Category: Personal