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In France, you can find them in every region, les salles des fetes. This village hall or multipurpose room is a public place that is made available to residents to hold a festive event. The building is generally owned by the municipality and managed by the municipal service responsible for community life. People in the countryside, celebrate all their anniversaries and weddings in le Salle des Fetes, or Salle Polyvalente.

For years, I am photographing these salles when I am in France. My parents used to have a house in the north of France, so I went there many times. I got fascinated by all the salle des fetes that I passed, on my way. I became curious and wanted to know more about it. I wondered what it looked like and how a party would be like, celebrating here. That’s how it started.

Now, everytime I visit France, I choose some to capture. Not all are interesting. There has to be something about it, a certain atmosphere. It’s a search and a surprise what you will find.

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Date: 10 March 2020
Category: Personal